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People at play

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People at play

Ketchikan, Southeast Alaska Winter

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Ketchikan, Southeast Alaska Winter

Interior Alaska

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Interior Alaska


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Ketchikan, Southeast, Alaska

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Ketchikan, Southeast, Alaska

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The one of Settler Cove on the beach didn't know that one of the pond was a shape of a heart.. Been on that beach many of time and didn't notice it... I am a local... Very nice...
Beautiful work, beautiful Alaska, all inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Wow...these are absolutely stunning!! You certainly have become one of my favorite photographers. Alaska is definitely on my list of places to visit. Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work.
Mike Criss
Very nice stuff Carlos. I just happen to be heading to Ketchikan this morning.
Nat and Boys(non-registered)

These pictures are amazing! You really have a great talent and eye for things. I still love the pictures you did of our wedding and all the amazing smiles and memories you captured!
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