Carlos Rojas Photography | About
Welcome to my site where you will find some of my favorite images of my backyard, Alaska. My love for photography and the great outdoors have taken me to amazing and breathtaking places in Alaska. The changing of the seasons, the weather, and the colors in nature are truly amazing.

I have been creating photographs of the great land for many years and some of my work has appeared in calendars and publications like, Country Magazine, Alaska Magazine, Photographic Magazine and the National Geographic Society. My work is represented by Getty Images.

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed creating them. If you see an image you like just double click it and move your mouse to the upper left corner of the image to place it in your shopping cart.

A Master painter uses a blank canvas, brushes and a mix of colors on a palette to create his vision. The great Ansel Adams used his knowledge in the darkroom to create on film what he saw and how he felt for the places he photographed. I use a camera, lenses, and the natural light outside to create my vision. However, the camera would not be enough to capture all the colors and range of tones that are viewed by our senses. The digital darkroom gives me the ability to fine tune, optimize and adjust contrast, colors, luminosity and tonality in an attempt to represent the experience and highlight the emotions I felt.

I believe, as in all of art, evoking an emotional response is the most special quality of a photograph.